Foosball table

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Foosball table

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Hey guys, my name is Mark and I am a foosball player for several years now. In my time I had played on so many tables that I decided to make a blog about foosball and share the knowledge about it with the world. Anyway, during my blogging, I realized that even though I know a lot about foosball tables and rules and parts and all practical, that I had no idea about theoretical part of foosball. So, I started learning more about foosball records, history, best world players, tactics and everything else (I can't think of at the moment)
My main goal with this blog is to fill it with foosball and everything about foosball. Since my readers are mostly rookies and people who are looking for help with maintaining or choosing the right foosball table, I have made a list of my favorite table football, with all other really good table footballs. I want to share with you my post and I want to hear your opinion because it is always nice to have another expert's opinion.
So, if you want to check out my list you can find it on this link
I would love to hear which table is your favorite and why because I may have misplaced one really good table in the sea of foosball tables. So, your opinion would mean much to me because I am really looking forward to talking about foosball tables with experts.


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