nike air presto

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nike air presto

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ÿþThere was no connection with "Manufactured nike air presto in Vietnam", although the largest production base of Nike was Vietnam. We should be aware of one thing that Chinese enterprises have been changed from imitation to local brands.In fact, it was just because the domestic enterprises played a foundry role for international brands, including Nike OEM, and enterprises can only get a small profit, so companies did not have enough profit margins to digest any cost pressures that were brought by wage growth.

This type of "sweatshops" mode did not have sustainability. When Vietnam was playing the role as Nike shoes' foundry base, Chinese enterprises have headed for the stage of proprietary brand. Although Vietnam has become the largest production base of Nike shoes, it has nothing to nike air huarache do with "Made in Vietnam".According to media reports, Nike global sports shoes had more than one hundred contract foundries, including Basoche, Winterthur, Ting Lu, Kong Wing and other Taiwanese businessmen.

In China, Vietnam, Indonesia and other places of Asia, there scattered these nike vapormax foundries. Five point five percent production of Nike was grasped by Winterthur Group, and began from the year of 2005, the Company turned many Chinese orders to Vietnam. At the same time, there were four processing factory production lines in Vietnam, and they have already been expanded on a large scale. In addition, the company also invested over ten million U.S. dollars in Vietnam to build a new factory.

In the year of 2005, Basoche Group, which was the largest OEM globally of Nike, fila disruptor and in Vietnam, its capacity got rapid enhancement as well. In the ensuing years, Winterthur and Basoche have increased their investment in Vietnam. It would be visible that we can explain the so-called Nike shoes were made in Vietnam in this way, which was just Nike foundry enterprises' purpose to shift its capacity to Vietnam for lower production costs.

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